Privacy Compliance

If you don’t know what’s in your data, you can’t comply with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations. Clairvoya helps you see and track it all, with assurance and ease.

The only way to know you know it all.

You can’t be compliant with privacy regulations if you can’t answer these questions. And you can’t answer these questions without Clairvoya.

Only Clairvoya’s Content Telemetry™ platform lets you see how data has changed, where it’s moved and who’s accessed it along the way. You’ll know its full history and lineage so that you can respond to any request or regulation with confidence and ease.

Eliminate blind spots by gaining full visibility into the content across your data landscape so that you can better secure sensitive information.

Understand your data flow by knowing who accessed the data throughout its lifecycle.

Track data flows to understand how data moved within your ecosystem so that you can safeguard it more effectively.

See how information changed and evolved over time to improve your controls and track to the original source.

Map where information flowed from start to finish for a more complete picture of your operational reality and control for the future.


Comply with confidence.

Clairvoya delivers deeper knowledge about your data for unmatched insight, control and defensibility.
Know what’s in your data
Adhere to GDPR, CCPA and any other new and emerging privacy regulations.
Privacy by design
Confirm what’s in your unstructured data, where it lives, who’s accessing it and how it’s being used.
Ready to respond
Immediately identify what’s been breached and notify subjects. Delete all personal data or provide its full history upon request.

Our platform capabilities solve today’s challenges and ensure you’re ready for whatever the future brings.


Identification and Categorization

Identify everywhere personal data lives in your organization and automatically categorize information across all coverage areas.

Lineage + Employee & Organization Mapping

Understand everywhere data exists, who has access to it and who touched it.


Delete all personal data upon request, mask/tokenize data and provide data on demand.


Data maps and visualizations provide actionable insight.

See how Clairvoya solves today’s—and tomorrow’s—privacy compliance challenges.


Operationalizing compliance

A mortgage client deploys Clairvoya’s on-prem scanners to data map and inventory file servers; identify and categorize content as it’s created; and use the action engine to operationalize data subject access requests.

Finding PII data

Using the Clairvoya NAS scanner, a manned guarding company tracks down PII data within certain file shares.

Preventing unauthorized data flows

A global staffing agency uses Clairvoya’s plug-in and scanners to understand PII data and actions to prevent unauthorized data flows between countries.

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