Legal Hold

Dealing with data related to a legal matter is complicated and cumbersome. Clairvoya helps you identify and manage information in a way that is easy, effective and defensible.

Track and manage data across your organization.


Identify data for legal hold

Determines whether documents are subject to legal hold in real-time at data creation and on legacy data.

Eliminate data defensibly

Identifies and deletes data not related to a legal hold in a consistent, defensible manner.

Gain full visibility

Addresses enterprise data sources in real-time at creation of data and on legacy data using scanners.

Track lineage and usage

Utilize data flows to identify data relevant to a particular matter.

Get to the source

Separates the primary document from redundant, useless versions.

Take effortless action.


Create smart legal holds

Eliminate inefficiency and inconsistency collecting documents with automatic identification, categorization and action at the document level.
  • Categorization based on custom, Boolean and regex searches
  • People identification based on entity matching
  • Location identification for location-based holds

Apply appropriate retention standards

Take appropriate action on documents not under legal hold pursuant to relevant retention schedules and effortlessly manage documents as they come off legal hold.

Our platform capabilities solve today’s challenges and ensure you’re ready for whatever the future brings.


Identification and Categorization

Identify and categorize new and legacy documents subject to a legal hold.


Track lineage and usage back to the source document and eliminate redundant versions.


Take immediate and effortless action at the document level, and disposition all documents in a defensible manner.

Employee & Organization Mapping

Identify relevant custodians based on current and historical roles.

See how Clairvoya solves today’s—and tomorrow’s—legal hold challenges.


Identifying irrelevant content

A pharmaceutical client uses Clairvoya’s O365 scanner to clean up its legal holds by identifying non-relevant content and Clairvoya’s action engine to apply policies to delete files no longer needed for legal hold.

Targeting specific information

To prevent an overbroad legal hold based solely on custodian, a medical device manufacturing firm uses Clairvoya’s plug-in to identify and categorize sensitive information for a more focused legal hold.

Reducing discovery costs

A transportation company uses Clairvoya’s scanner to assess legacy legal hold data and to delete documents no longer subject to legal hold.

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