Junk/ROT Identification and Remediation

Obsolete and useless data adds cost and creates risk. Easily identify and remove the content that adds no value to your bottom line.

Don’t miss a thing.

Clairvoya gives you the visibility and tracking to capture and reduce junk/ROT data across your enterprise.

Gain full visibility

Addresses enterprise data sources via real-time data generation on email and on-prem scanners.

Track lineage and usage

Identifies data flows, file relationships and usage patterns to the source document.

Get to the source

Separates the primary document from redundant, unnecessary versions.

Decrease storage costs

Stop archiving unnecessary data and adding storage costs with automated deletion based on retention schedules.

Take action with ease and confidence.

After you’ve identified obsolete and redundant data, Clairvoya helps you manage it so that you can focus on what’s important.

Categorize with ease

Automatic categorization helps you gain the upper hand over junk/ROT data:
  • Customizable, existing and built-in categories
  • Boolean search
  • Regular expression search

Gain insight

See what’s happening across the enterprise with reporting tools:
  • Dashboard
  • Track all actions related to junk/ROT categories
  • Reconcile with retention requirements
  • Identify and track documents by volume, matter and custodian for ongoing legal holds

Take control

Our action engine lets you take effortless next steps:
  • Alert/Report
  • Move/quarantine for review
  • One-time or scheduled, automated deletion
  • Entity matching

Our platform capabilities solve today’s challenges and ensure you’re ready for whatever the future brings.


Identification and Categorization

Identify junk/ROT data across the enterprise and automatically categorize it for easy dispensation.


Track lineage and usage back to the source document and eliminate redundant versions.


Take immediate and effortless actions to delete and report obsolete content.


Gain insight into and monitor your junk/ROT actions, for your bottom line or ongoing legal holds.

See how Clairvoya solves today’s—and tomorrow’s—junk/ROT management challenges.


Reducing storage costs

An actuarial company scans its technology organization’s file shares and finds that 37% of the files are older than the 5-year record retention requirement—it uses Clairvoya’s action engine to delete obsolete files and save on storage costs.

Identifying ROT data

As part of its transition from an on-prem to a cloud environment, an insurance broker uses Clairvoya’s scanners to identify redundant, obsolete and trivial information that doesn’t need to be migrated; saving effort, cost and time.

Managing legal costs

An auto dealer uses Clairvoya’s scanners to identify information outside of its retention requirements and Clairvoya’s action engine to move and quarantine it on a single file server, which can then be reviewed by the appropriate stakeholders before deletion.

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