Information Protection

If you don’t have visibility into your data, you don’t know your risk or your operational reality. Clairvoya shows you what you have, where it exists and how it’s used so that you can identify and protect sensitive information.

See clearly into your data so you can fully protect it.

Addresses 90% of unstructured data sources via real-time data generation on e-mail/Office suite and scanners.

Understand your data flow by knowing who accessed the data throughout its lifecycle.

Eliminate blind spots by gaining full visibility into the content across your data landscape so that you can better secure sensitive information.

See how information changed and evolved over time to improve your controls and track to the original source.

Map where information flowed from start to finish for a more complete picture of your operational reality and control for the future.

Track data flows to understand how data moved within your ecosystem so that you can safeguard it more effectively.


Manage risk and know your operational reality.

  • Identify where and when sensitive data is accessed and apply appropriate controls
  • Understand your current controls and operational reality to ensure effectiveness
  • Know what risk you have in your data
  • Employ Clairvoya’s action engine to protect information and stop activity that creates risk

Our platform capabilities solve today’s challenges and ensure you’re ready for whatever the future brings.


Identification and Categorization

Identify and automatically categorize information in your data across all coverage areas.

Lineage + Employee & Organization Mapping

Identify who’s accessing data and for what purpose, and ensure you understand everywhere data exists.


Delete sensitive information upon request, tokenize content and provide data on demand.


Gain insight into data flows by element, individual and organization so they can be compared against the existing control set to validate appropriate coverage.

See how Clairvoya solves today’s—and tomorrow’s—information protection challenges.


Enforcing data policies

A private equity firm deploys Clairvoya’s plug-in during due diligence to scope data risk and after close of acquisition to protect sensitive data assets during transition.

Eliminating sensitive information

When unnecessary PII is sent to a title insurance company by closing attorneys, Clairvoya’s action engine can delete it automatically.

Protecting legacy PHI data

A hospital network is able to identify sensitive PHI in legacy data using scanners and Clairvoya’s action engine to quarantine on a file server with added protections.

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