Information Management & Governance

Classify and categorize data across your organization consistently, defensibly and cost effectively with the power of Clairvoya at your fingertips.

Take the guesswork out of the classification process.

Identify and classify records consistently across your organization.


Robust boolean and regular expression search capabilities give you the flexibility to customize to any records classification taxonomy.


Classify and categorize records consistently across the organization and take the guesswork out of the classification process.


Eliminate the inefficiency and inconsistency of manual efforts with automated categorization, retention and deletion.

Manage records in a more efficient and defensible way.

Clairvoya gives you the power to reduce costs and risk in just a few clicks with automated record disposition standards.

Improve knowledge management

With well-categorized and consistent records, you can get to the data you need, when you need it.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Identify, track and quarantine documents for ongoing legal holds and have confidence content is categorized consistently.

Know your data consumption

Gain insight into data, how it’s used and how it is consumed to better manage your budget.

Enforce record retention policies

Automatically identify and categorize records based on content and use the action engine to enforce appropriate retention schedules.

Decrease storage costs

Stop archiving unnecessary data and adding storage costs with automated deletion based on retention schedules.

Our platform capabilities solve today’s challenges and ensure you’re ready for whatever the future brings.


Identification and Categorization

Consistently apply records classification across your data sources with data identification and automatic categorization. Identify and track documents for ongoing legal holds.

Data Lineage

Understand who within the organization is using sensitive data, what they are doing with it and potentially whether sensitive data is crossing international borders or being inappropriately accessed.


Automate records disposition standards, including deletion based on retention schedules. Quarantine documents for ongoing legal holds.

See how Clairvoya solves today’s—and tomorrow’s—information management and governance challenges.


Aligning files with taxonomy

A financial services firm uses Clairvoya’s scanners to autocategorize SharePoint files to align with its record code taxonomy to resolve an internal audit issue.

Automating categorization & destruction

Using Clairvoya’s plug-in, an insurance conglomerate categorizes records at creation and implements action policies to automate deletion in accordance with its records destruction schedule.

Identifying originals vs copies

A consumer product goods company uses data lineage to understand which documents are originals to be preserved as records, versus copies which can be deleted.

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