Complete visibility. Total command.

Clairvoya’s cloud-based data management platform gives you complete visibility into your data landscape and an unmatched ability to see detailed lineage and content telemetry for total command over your data.

An agile, enterprise-class platform that’s born from within the industry and built to adapt.


You’re just a few clicks away from a new operational reality that’s fully future-proof.


Easy to deploy

  • Rapid, plug-and-play implementation
  • API integration
  • No disruption or downtime
  • No specialized training
  • Simple to configure

Easy to use

  • Harness data in just a few clicks
  • Data reports back to you
  • No need to produce data or connect the dots
  • Always up-to-date and compliant

Easy to improve

  • Actionable data insight in minutes
  • Take immediate action and gain control
  • Zero in on areas of risk
  • Stop the bleeding
  • Solve the legacy issue

Coverage across your cloud and on-prem solutions makes your investments work even better.

1,000+ file types

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