Can you see it all when it comes to your data?

Our Content Telemetry™ platform tracks data through its entire lifecycle. Gain unmatched visibility, control and defensibility for privacy, protection and beyond.

Don’t miss a thing with full visibility into your data’s lineage.

Stop chasing and start taking control. Clairvoya’s patent-pending blockchain lineage technology tracks data through its entire lifecycle and keeps it from creating unintended risk.
  • Shows document relationships over time: creation, change and movement
  • Links and tracks documents with future-forward blockchain technology
  • Identifies data flows between people, systems and organizations
  • Captures all relevant documents and data
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Easily track your data for total command and control.

You can’t control what you can’t see. With our Content Telemetry platform, you’re empowered to:
See where your data exists and control the flow.
Know where to focus and what to do next.
Identify, track and take action on sensitive data in real time.
Easily take control and respond with confidence.

The only way to know you know it all.

To comply with CCPA, GDPR and other privacy regulations, you have to answer more questions than ever in an evolving standard of care.

Only with Clairvoya’s Content Telemetry platform can you see how data has changed, where it’s moved and who’s accessed it along the way. You’ll know its full history and lineage so that you can respond to any request or regulation with confidence and ease.

Now you can go beyond limited visibility to see it all, gaining unmatched insight and immediate defensibility.

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If you can’t answer these questions, you can’t be compliant:

Eliminate blind spots by gaining full visibility into the content across your data landscape so that you can better secure sensitive information.

Understand your data flow by knowing who accessed the data throughout its lifecycle.

Track data flows to understand how data moved within your ecosystem so that you can safeguard it more effectively.

See how information changed and evolved over time to improve your controls and track to the original source.

Map where information flowed from start to finish for a more complete picture of your operational reality and control for the future.


A ready-made solution that creates a new operational reality.

Clairvoya’s open API, plug-and-play software is purpose-built for privacy, protection and beyond. It’s easy to deploy, simple to use and generates immediate insight, defensibility and value.

In just a few clicks, you stop the bleeding and start creating a better future. You’re stronger and more empowered. Smarter and more agile. You’re ready for anything.

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