Data Lineage

Tracking data lineage delivers greater insight and defensibility. See the detailed lifecycle for deeper visibility and full transparency into the data landscape.

See the full history behind your data with patent-pending data lineage technology.


Shows document relationships over time

  • Creation, change and movement
  • Copy & paste
  • Map to people and organizations/groups

Identifies data flows

  • Repeated processes by time, person or organization
  • Data flows between people, systems and organizations

Links related documents

  • Page, paragraph and sentence hashes
  • Near duplicates

Fully answer critical regulatory questions.

Eliminate blind spots by gaining full visibility into the content across your data landscape so that you can better secure sensitive information.

Understand your data flow by knowing who accessed the data throughout its lifecycle.

Track data flows to understand how data moved within your ecosystem so that you can safeguard it more effectively.

See how information changed and evolved over time to improve your controls and track to the original source.

Map where information flowed from start to finish for a more complete picture of your operational reality and control for the future.

Purpose-built software with patent-pending, future-forward blockchain technology.

  • Chain together documents using hashes
  • Detect branching
  • Immutable and reliable
  • Centrally tracked

Original Hash: AAAA

Hash on Open:

Hash on Save: AAAA

Original Hash: AAAA

Hash on Open: AAAA

Hash on Save: BBBB

Original Hash: AAA

Hash on Open: BBBB

Hash on Save: DDDD

Original Hash: AAAA

Hash on Open: BBBB

Hash on Save: CCCC

Original Hash: AAAA

Hash on Open: CCCC

Hash on Save: EEEE

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Originals vs Copies

A consumer product goods company uses data lineage to understand which documents are originals to be preserved as records, versus copies which can be deleted.

Policy Breach

Tracking the data flows for a home goods chain reveals that its sales organization has access to restricted HR data, which can then be blocked to enforce policy.

Audit Trail

To ensure NPI financial information used for quarterly reporting is appropriately managed, a building materials company uses data lineage to provide an auditable trail to demonstrate compliance.

What’s in it for you? Clairvoya delivers clear benefits:

Track data through its entire lifecycle
Understand data flows between people, systems and organizations
Answer critical questions with certainty—immutable and reliable
Understand root cause to remediate fully
Reveal your operational reality
Identify issues before they happen

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