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How to prepare for incident response

Learn how to respond quickly and effectively with automated data discovery and classification

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Are you ready to comply and respond?

You can’t comply with privacy regulations if you can’t answer these questions. And you can’t answer these questions without Clairvoya.
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What's in it?
Who touched it?
Where did it come from?
How did it change?
Where did it go?

No matter what tech you’re using, the path forward is clear.

Our cloud-based, API platform is easy to deploy and easy to use. It’s a ready-made solution that can create a new operational reality in minutes.
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When you can see it all, you’re ready for anything.

Get complete visibility and control with our Content Telemetry™ platform, purpose-built for privacy, protection and beyond.
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See what’s in your data, where it’s gone and what’s been done with it. Easily take control so you can manage risk and compliance with confidence and ease.
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Patent-pending blockchain data lineage technology


Real-time actionable intelligence and insight


Captures everything required for full defensibility


Cloud-based, open API is easy to deploy, integrate and manage

Comply with confidence.

If you don’t know what’s in your data, you can’t comply with CCPA, GDPR and other privacy regulations and requests. Clairvoya delivers deeper knowledge about your data for unmatched insight, control and defensibility.


Get ahead of the unknown with our Content Telemetry platform.

See into the full lifecycle, track lineage and data flows, and get complete visibility into your threat landscape.


With just a few clicks, you’re not just future-proofed, you’ve created a new operational reality.

Our plug-and-play, cloud-based software is always current, which means you’re always compliant and confident.


Get actionable information and intelligence with clear insights and next steps.

Data reports back to you, so you’ll know what’s happening and what to do without having to do much.

Get Out Of The Dark & Bring Data Into The Light With Clairvoya

Help your clients or company comply with confidence and meet new standards of care by knowing exactly how data flows across their enterprise.

  • Gain visibility into data flows across the enterprise

  • Quickly tackle incident response

  • Confidently comply with new privacy regulations

See a better future with Clairvoya.

Solve the problem at its source and create a new operational reality. Poof. You’re ahead of the unknown and fully future-proof.

Time Savings

Get instant, unparalleled insight and take immediate action to compress timelines, improve productivity and accelerate results.

Risk Mitigation

Zero in on areas of risk and comply with ever-emerging privacy regulations and standards of care for sensitive data.

Empowered Action

Data reports back to you with actionable intelligence and insight, so you don’t have to track it down.

Cost Optimization

Improve ROI for existing tools, create efficiency and save money on your data infrastructure.

Effortless effort.

Get started and start getting answers today.
(It’s almost as simple as waving a magic wand.)

Easy to deploy

  • Rapid, plug-and-play implementation
  • API integration
  • No disruption or downtime
  • No specialized training
  • Simple to configure

Easy to use

  • Harness data in just a few clicks
  • Data reports back to you
  • No need to produce data or connect the dots
  • Always up-to-date and compliant

Easy to improve

  • Actionable data insight in minutes
  • Take immediate action and gain control
  • Zero in on areas of risk
  • Stop the bleeding
  • Solve the legacy data issue